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Does anybody play Warhawk anymore???
I downloaded the demo and it seemed like a pretty cool game. Ran all the training stage and then went into the online. There was one guy there and he left. He was probably asking the same question, where is everyone? In the distance you can hear gunfire and explosions so you hop in your fighter jet, fly around this massive map but there's noone there. I read an old review on the game here on this site and it really sounded like it was gonna have alot of potential, at least in 2007 when the review was done. So did I just get unlucky tonight that there wasn't anyone playing? Or is that normal for this game that it's had it's day?
well, i have to say as an owner of warhawk digital and disk game, i haven't been on lately, so i couldnt tell you... or does this further support your thoughts??
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I guess it further supports my initial experience with the game. I was gonna buy the full game based on the demo but then seeing that there was noone playing, and since there's no single player, it's just gonna be a waste of money. Seems like a shame too, it looked like fun!
its a great game, but it shafted me early on and I havent quite forgiven it yet.

basically there was a glitch with the ranks, and everyone progressed faster than they should, I did.. but it wasnt a massive leap like some, it was just steady. Anyway one day I saw that my rank was reduced and all my lil things like skins and colours were removed, I was very miffed.
but then I thought I would just earn them again, but it seemed that I was now in Glitch hell as to this day I cant rank up.. I have been the same rank since that day, and I dont go on too much now.

BUT... I can honestly say with unbiased head and heart that its a brilliant game, and the likely hood of what happened to me happening to you is very unlikley... you should enjoy it.

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They fixed all of that you know.
Great game. Only wish more people played so we could get more servers back up.
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yeah, they did fix it, but im still in glitch hell... no matter what I do i cannot rank up.

and I agree... I think its a great game

Legend Edgemaster of the Unicorn. oh and nine thousand fake forum tokens, 3 real ones and 5 special tokens mysteriously protected by a blinding white aura.. 

""Bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity"

"NO OFFENCE" R.I.P @PS3 :evil:
Hahaha. The one from incognito? i bought it about 2 weeks back for about 10dollars(full game). But my internet went down this week. . . Good thing i had friends over, the game is kinda illy. Only played it that once tho.
It felt like the start of 28 days later when I was on tryin the demo...I was waitin to be attacked but some rabid monkeys but was disappointed that I was on this cool map on my own.
Such a fun game
That game stole my 2008 Summer, badly! Big Grin

Seriously, enjoyed the crap out of that game

Sadly they never implemented a party system (Resistance-like). So creating clans and organizing friend meet ups was a pain.

It became a solitary experience/game and people just left when those who did have the TIME to actually keep track of each other started owning everyone else.

It's sad, the game only needed a party system....
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