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MGS Vita News
Hi everybody! I'm new to the forums here.

I came across a bit of info that some of you guys might be interested in. This news comes from

"In the latest Kojima Productions Report podcast, number 158, the team’s staff members answered some questions sent in by listeners."

"One of them was about the PlayStation Vita version for Metal Gear Solid 3, and how it will compare to the 3DS version. The latter one has some new features, such as crouch walking as it is known from MGS4. The Kojima Productions staff members answered that the Vita version won’t have these changes that were made to the 3DS version."

"The reason behind this is that MGS3D Snake Eater is meant to do something new, and reach a new audience that may not be familiar with the series, so they chose to include a more modern control scheme, whereas the PS Vita version is more aimed at the fans and is about bringing the classics to the system"

I'm a bit disappointed by this, i really don't like the old controls.

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