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GTA1 and GTA2...
so I was playing GTA2 on the PSV today, and I have to say.. its good! it works well. heres me thinking that I would be hating it because we have moved on so much, but quality is.. what quality does, but it just goes to show what a great game GTA2 was. I didn't play London or GTA1.. maybe tomorrow.

obviously I was on remote play via the PS3, I dont have secret links to Rockstar... but its a great eye opener to see what it will be like, its far better than that retro game, well from the demo I played any how. it feels better than Chinatown too.. mainly because imo GTA got softer as the series got older.

so now that R* have said that GTA1 and GTA 2 are heading to the PSN and most likely to the PSV, I really REALLY hope they dont tone it down, kill frenzies must stay, killing groups of Hari Krishnas must stay, squished splatted run over bodies must stay.. lol, it all must stay intact!

the only thing that must change and will change are the controls, its very dated due to the tools that were on offer back in the day.

so fingers crossed when we get the GTAs in the next few weeks that they are intact and play brilliantly. :rox:

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