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PS4 Game You're Most Excited For.
Of the games we know are coming to the PS4, which one are you most excited for?

I'm really psyched for The Division. For me it looked like the best game shown at E3 this year and the bar was already set pretty high with games like Watch Dogs and The Crew, which I just realized are all from Ubisoft. If EA had of announced Mirrors Edge 2 with a release date then they would be my game.

Everything about The Division just looks awesome though.
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From what I've seen of mgs5 and the witcher 3, these are two of my most wanted.

But at launch i think watchdogs and killzone will be the two that I'll buy without hesitation.

... Oh i forgot about the godly battlefield 4, damn that looks incredible.

Edit : oh and elder scrolls online, and fallout 4!

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Interesting topic since I still can't decide on a launch title to buy. I might buy 1 game and a controller or 2 games. I'm leaning Killzone. Infamous wouldn've been without a doubt but that's not a launch title sadly.

I like the Division, and Watchdogs also.
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Since it's not coming to PC (yet), I'll be getting a PS4 so I can play Destiny. Because that game is gonna be the new hot shit.
I've got the launch edition KillZone PS4 and Battlefield 4 pre ordered so...yeah.
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Of the launch titles, it's probably Killzone: Shadow Fall but overall, it's Thief or inFamous: Second Son.
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Wah, I forgot about FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Even though SE said there would be sequels to XV I'm still excites for that.
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Exclusives? Infamous. Without a doubt. The second trailer with showing the relationship with the brother made me really like what that game seems to be doing.

Non-Exclusives? Destiny, Watchdogs, The Witness, and Transistor, all look superb. The Division seemed awesome until the very end of the demo where it went from being a co-op thing to a competitive multiplayer game. I need to find out more about what that game actually is before I say if its for me or not.
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Yeah, Second Son looks awesome. My main problem with the first two games was that the world they were situated in looked quite bland. The first city was just plain ugly. And although the second game did make some improvements, it didn't feel interesting enough to explore. I think they have done a lot to fix these issues, and the world felt a lot more vivid and alive in the gameplay I saw. Plus I think the punk rock theme went great with the new character's personality.

Apart from that, The Division and Destiny look amazing. I'll have to wait and see what sort of online requirements these titles have, and if my connection can handle them, before I start getting excited.

I have heard rumours that the PoP team is working on a sequel to the 2008 game. So yeah, I'm most excited about a game that wasn't even announced, and probably won't ever come out. Sad
Watch Dogs
Infamous Second Son
The Division

Further into the future:
The Witcher 3
Dragon Age 3
Grand Theft Auto 5

Also, I think the idea of Mirrors Edge in an open world setting sounds just right for this franchise, so I am very eager to hear more.

(Oh yeah and I added GTA5 on the list there just for the heck of it. If I say it often enough, it may come true)
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