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Big Budget Games Will Stifle Innovation

In addition to this being incredibly ironic coming from the producer of the least innovative, most rehash heavy consumer milking franchise of the past ten years, I think the idea that free-to-play and microtransactions are the way forward is nonsense. Not only is going free-to-play a death knell for any MMO, but Team Fortress 2 going F2P and then introducing microtransactions via HATS pretty much ruined that community. I mean it's made TF2 one of the consistently most played games on Steam, but it's also driven out almost all the people who actually bought the game before that happened. I have barely touched the game since that point.

I remember awhile back EA actually tried to claim that people LOVE microtransactions because people keep buying games that have them. If you ask me that ignores the obvious, that a lot of people are simply putting up with microtransactions in games they want to play, because I have never in my life met someone who thought microtransactions were awesome. If I ever did I would bet dollars to donuts that person spends most of their time playing Zynga games on FB.

Does anyone here like microtransactions?
I've not really played a game that's done them well. Maybe TF2 does, but I've not gone near the store since it went F2P, and being an online game I never played it that often. From what I've heard League of Legends does it okay. Obviously as a F2P MOBA you have to pay for new characters, but every month they rotate which handful of characters they offer for free, so you always have a chance to try before you buy.

I'm not really sure I'm the right audience though. I don't play online so customisation options, temporary buffs or even things like extra maps aren't relevant, and nobody is going to make a single-player game that requires microtransactions just to proceed, so you end up with stupid boosts like Dead Space 3, which help you but are wholly unnecessary for success.

Maybe that's the issue? Nobody has made microtransactions that are actually likeable, just gougey or worthless. There probably is some worth to the idea, but nobody has figured out how to properly execute it.
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Oh, and I just noticed Raymond actually says that big budget games will stifle innovation 'eventually', like it's a theoretical thing that hasn't happened yet. This is despite the Assassin's Creed series she launched is now preparing for its sixth main entry in the seven years it's existed, while she's currently producing the sixth Splinter Cell game, a series that only slowed its release schedule because Conviction's development went so awry.
PC: Shadow of War
PS4: Uncharted 3 | Monster Hunter World | Game of Thrones
Switch: Breath of the Wild | Dragon Quest Builders | Mario + Rabbids
XB1: ReCore | Sea of Thieves | Rise of the Tomb Raider
I despise Microtransactions though I've little experience with games that require them. But last night I downloaded Breakquest for the Vita for free and you start off with 33 balls to play with but when they're gone you have to purchase more at 2euro a pop. It's a fun game and I'd of bought it outright but everytime I run out I have to spend another 2euro, eventually I'll end up forking out so much I'd of bought the game over multiple times. Which is obviously good for the whoever made the game but not so much for me. And for that reason I won't be playing the game again unless they give me the option to buy the game outright with infinite balls.
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