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After One Console Generation Of DLC, What Is Your Verdict?
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DLC isn't really something I'm too arsed about myself. As long as the main campaign doesn't suffer and I feel I got value for my money then I'm good.

I don't buy a lot of DLC, not to say I've never bought any but even what I've purchased I've not bothered to even play in most cases. Three examples, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dark Souls and Dragon's Age: Origins. Three games easily in my top ten games of the generation, three games with DLC that expands on an already full gaming experience and three pieces of DLC I've either not played at all yet or at the least completed. Once I've finished with the campaign, that's me done. I do go back to these games every so often and I'm sure eventually I will play their DLC's but I never think to stick a game in just to play the DLC.

I got the season pass for Borderlands 2 but forgot to download some of the packs as they came out, I only just did last week and yet instead of playing through the extra levels, I'm still just playing the original game release campaign, mostly just playing the DLC when I'm partied up with a crew.

So thoughts on DLC?
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PC gamers did have something to get used to re: DLC this gen, and it was paying for it, since before Halo 2's map packs made paid DLC A Thing, most expanded content on PC games was free, unless it was major expansions like Opposing Force.

That said, I think DLC sucks for the most part, and I blame myself for being one of those nine bajillion people who shrugged and shelled out $6 for Halo 2 maps, legitimizing MS's notion that console gamers will pay for heretofore free stuff.

The only game I've really invested heavily in with DLC was Borderlands 2, buying the Mechro and Psycho pack and most of the addon campaigns, and with the exception of Krieg and Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage I was really disappointed.

A big problem for me when it comes to DLC, at least story related DLC, is that once the main game is over, any attempts to extend it feel like little more than cash grabs just on general principle; if the developers felt it was truly something that should be experienced in the game, they'd have added it into the game. Obviously there are exceptions, especially when publishers force developers to hold back or lock content, but to be honest I've yet to see DLC that meaningfully added to the main game in a way that I thought was really worth my money.
DLC planned before a game shipped, ripped from the game or locked on disc are the worst. Stuff that is usually free, just needed to be unlocked, are now unlocked by paying. I don't like it.
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cLoudou Wrote:DLC planned before a game shipped, ripped from the game or locked on disc are the worst. Stuff that is usually free, just needed to be unlocked, are now unlocked by paying. I don't like it.

The worst part is they think no one will notice what's locked on disc and what isn't, even after people have shown they can easily figure that stuff out. There really isn't another industry out there that rips off its consumer base as badly as the games industry, and that won't change until people stop paying, which isn't going to happen any time soon.
As a general rule I like DLCs. Once a game I love is over, it's nice to know that there may be more content ahead. I never expect a full new story. Like the DLCs for Mass Effect 2 were cool. Small side-stories, a chance to dive into the game again - or take a side-track from the main story.

Same with the DLC for Borderlands. My coop buddy and I really loved the main game, and once the story was done it was just so great for us to get more to do. And in Borderlands case it was a LOT more too.

Same with the story DLC of Fallout 3 and Saints Row 2. The stories themselves had not fit into the main story anyhow, and would be far too big for just a side-quest.
Generally speaking I don't think games feel incomplete because of the story DLCs.

The equipment/classes/outfit/maps kind of DLCs however, now that's a different matter. That is just an insult to us as gamers.
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