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Killzone: Shadow Fall.
Really getting excited about the launch next month. I've got the KZ day one bundle with my name on it.


What I like about this video is that it shows different strategy's to get through the level and that the game is nothing like the very disappointing KZ3 i.e. this game isn't on rails.
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I am also getting the KZ:SF PS4 Day one bundle. Cant wait to get it, seya out there!
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Guys, my body is ready

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Wow..... Damn

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That awesome man. I get mine with my PS4 package so ill have to wait. But ill get my ps4 version of BF4 on the 12th.
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"If you cant stand the heat, then get the F*&k out of Africa!"- Some British Movie
How do people enjoy this game? Any thoughts? Smile

I wouldn`t exactly say it's the best game in the series, but it is not far off. Really liked how the game gives you various locals and not to mention different colors! But then again, the game has not Guerilla feel over it. It lacks polish and the AI is quite the opposite from K2 and K3.
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I was enjoying playing it and was enjoying the single player campaign. I have been side tracked by other games but I did complete KZ2 and KZ3. Thought KZ2 was excellent and not so keen on KZ3 but still managed ot complete it anyway.

Not tried the multiplayer on this though. I agree with what you say I like the colour and look of this one. Need to get back to it at some point.

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