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Been Awhile guys. Check this
Firstly, What's up guys? How's it going?
Now, I had a thought for the main focus in the next gen.
See, the way I see it, our current generation has been fixated on Multi-player competitive. I think the next gen should focus on Multiplayer Co-Op. I've kinda burnt out on the whole competitive online play. It's all about "I'm the best" Even though Aim Assist is always on. Smack talking like you have any kind of skill but really it's the computer helping you aim down the barrel of a rifle, locking on for you. Co-Op against a smart cpu is now really doable and I thing it would bring the gaming community a bit closer. Yeah you'll still have those smack talkers playing the same regurgitated FPS but you won't have to hear it because you are off on some huge adventure with your friends. I mean, let me ask you. Answer honestly. Do you really really want to sit and play ONLY FPS' every day? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter. What say you Ben? I know you aren't a big multi-playa but does that include Co-Op?
2 in the box, Ready to go, We be fast and they be slow!!

"Why the hell did you kill that Cyclops and rip out his eye Kratos?"
"He was Comin at me"
"Poor Cyclops, For Christ sakes he was lookin for the bathroom"
"Oh, my bad"

Hehehehe Asschabs - Piss drunk Oghren
Oh, I see you think I'm someone else. No pal you think I'm someone else..swish.- Conversation with a Piss drunk Oghren.

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