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Sony Boss: Watch Dogs, Destiny Will Help "Define Next-Gen"
Original article from the main page.

I'm just gonna post my comments from the main page here but I kinda ramble a bit about exclusives and multiplatform games being closer in quality than last gen.

From the comments section on the main page:

Me -

I think we need to get out of this exclusives push the boundary's speak which was quite common last gen because the two main defining consoles of the generation where much more different then the new current gen consoles are now.

The only thing bigging up exclusives does now is define which console you might purchase because of which games you might like to play. Although we will still see inferior ports of cross-gen games, dedicated new current gen games will most likely be too close to call, even compared to each systems exclusives. Granted we're way to early in the generation for me to state this as fact but it's something I strongly believe. Multiplatform current gen games (PS4/XBONE) can imo excel in quality over the exclusives for either console.

For me personally, I think a game like the Witcher 3, which is multiplatform but not cross-gen (PC/PS4/XBONE exclusive), will far exceed in quality from a technical point of view either Watch Dogs or Destiny which both support cross-gen. I believe something like the Witcher 3 will be of the same level of quality as any exclusive game for either of the new current gen consoles. The days of exclusives being the benchmark imo is over.

Heck, BF4 despite it's rather substantial hiccups, once again just my opinion, is easily on par with KZ:Shadowfall from at least a graphical PoV if that's what some people like to use as a measure stick for differences in quality between multiplatform and exclusive titles. If we're talking about more than just appearances, then BF4 wins out because KZ is actually rather disappointing. My point being that exclusives suck sometimes too.

Worlds reply-

That could be the case, but it may be a few years before we can tell whether or not the little extra punch PS4 has will allow the exclusives to be higher quality. It could also depend on the developers and their resource use moreso than the hardware capabilities. You'd think a Naughty Dog game is still going to exceed multiplats in overall quality but we'll see."

My reply-

You're not wrong, we're way too early in to be able to state anything as fact and for as long as we have teams like Naughty Dog out there really setting the standards, anything is possible.

But my logic is that since both systems are so similar, the teams behind multiplatform games, not wasting time and resources on cross-gen, will spend less time worrying about specifics in either console and just create really fantastic games that they know both machines will handle equally as good and will keep up with each other. Keeping this in mind, I don't think it would be a stretch to suggest that the exclusive titles could run technically on either machine with the only barrier being from an intellectual property rights PoV, whereas before the argument could be made that only the PS3 could handle PS3 exclusives and likewise for the 360. We're talking about very marginal differences in power between the two new consoles and how they handle game processing but it really isn't that significant.
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robodaddy-o Wrote:Yes.

Couldn't of put it better myself.
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My post on the main page:

"It's time to realize that the exclusives no longer play the role they used to in the console world. They can't beat the budgets of the biggest 3rd party productions, and a less exotic architecture means you don't need to be an oddball or owned by Sony to build really good games on this platform. Those days are over.

Now don't get me wrong: Sony has some exceptionally skilled and experienced developers in their pool. They will keep creating quality games with high visual impact that'll make their fan base proud and have others look in envy. Here's hoping we also get to see something really *new* from them (as opposed to just very polished versions of traditional formulas), but unless Sony radically change their strategies of opting for the well tested and proven concepts (and I doubt they will) the titles who really will explore strange new worlds and cutting-edge solutions will be found amongst 3rd party sources.
That is my prediction for this next gen.

I believe we saw clear signs of this during the last generation, and I do think this is what Sony has realized too. It would fully explain this huge focus on 3rd party and indie devs when designing the PS4.

And know what? I don't mind that one bit. I don't have any problem with others getting those same awesome experiences.
I just want the best possible games to enjoy, and the industry to move forward."

... So in short: I agree with you. Smile
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The idea that the PS4 being slightly more powerful means it will produce better quality games is pretty hilarious. PS2 had the best overall library of its generation and it was by far the weakest console.

And exclusives are pretty much irrelevant these days. Consoles are far more defined by the services and features they provide (or don't) than whatever 2-3 really big exclusives they'll get over their life cycle.

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