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Beyond Two Souls
Couldn't find a previous thread with the search tool.

I'm struggling to see why this title is receiving mixed reactions. I am absolutely loving it which is interesting considering I couldn't get into Heavy Rain.

I would normally hate qte's but here they are certainly more intuitive and logical than in other games.
I like the small scene difference depending on your success/failure at the qte's as well. For instance in my first run at the chapter where you are on the train, I escaped out the window. On my second run through the same chapter I missed the timing and found myself escaping through the toilet. I don't know how many of those slight differences there are in this game but it's touches like that which make your story different to someone elses.

I tried to imagine playing this with Uncharted gameplay mechanics and it just wouldn't have been as enjoyable. It would have just been a generic 3rd person title.

Aiden. For some reason I love this feature. Becoming Aiden and playing through that part of the gameplay is brilliant. He (it?) can be roleplayed however you want. In this run through Aiden is incredibly overprotective and almost uncontrollable. When Jodie is threatened he takes the most violent and destructive action to protect her.

Similarly to the gameplay style, mixing up the chapters so they do not run chronologically is a big plus point for me.

Now I should say I have not finished yet, I estimate I am roughly 3 quarters through, and I may be overestimating the changes I can experience on my 2nd play through in terms of scene divergence and the versatility of Aidens actions.
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