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Last XBox 360 game
I have a feeling I know the response level to this on the basis that the last thread in this was in 2012; I shall ask anyway.

What was the last 360 game you purchased?
If it was a long time ago then is that because there has been nothing released since which interests you? Multiplat purchase on the PS3? Simply not purchased any games at all for a while?

For me I believe my last 360 game was ME3 and I haven't used the console for quite a few months.

I have bought games since then but they have all been on my PS3 including a number of multiplats.

Thinking about it now, I don't know if I will ever buy any more games for that console. I shall keep it for my current small library but I doubt there will be anything exclusive coming out in the next year or so which will get me to open my wallet.
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For me it was probably Halo Anniversary. Which has since been traded in along with the console and what other 360 games I had which went towards my PS4.
I just got a Cricket game for the 360 a few days ago. I know nothing about the sport but have been itching to try it out.
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