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What's the best PlayStation console of all time?
Sales seem to say that the PlayStation 2 was the best PlayStation console of all time. But as we all know, opinions don't always match up with sale results. 
So to you personally, which PlayStation console or handheld was your favourite?
That's a hard question. I'm pretty nostalgic when it comes to PS1 because of Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill, and Parasite Eve among others. But I have to say that the PS4 is a pretty fantastic machine. And I adore my Vita even if they have forgotten about it. I also remember picking up my PS2 on day one, racing to the back of the wal-mart with a crowd of people. And the games, ah man. Can I pick all of them?
I picked PS3 and i would like to point out launch model specifically. I pick that because it includes the PS1 and PS2 games along with the PS3, makes the decision manageable. If a future iteration of a Playstion has and is capable of being completely backwards compatible then that would become my favorite by default.
PlayStation 3 for me. Ugh i miss that fat boy my 80 GB/BC system.
PS3 while PS2 sold loads I had tons of fun on the PS3 Smile
PS3 for me is the best. Smile I am planning to buy a Nintendo Switch. Is it really worth the money?
(05-18-2017, 10:46 AM)roaddrifter Wrote: PS3 for me is the best. Smile I am planning to buy a Nintendo Switch. Is it really worth the money?
Personally, yeah. I'm loving the Switch so far.

I also run a dedicated Switch forum, which is basically dead as I'm focusing entirely on PSXE right now. If you wanna check the forum out, and see the limited and dead community, you can find it at
Will definitely place an order on one. Thanks for sharing the link. Will Check it out.
For me, it was the psx, but I was playing the nes, super nes, and genesis along with it so when it came along it was revolutionary to me. Within 5 years I discovered pc gaming which became a very strong outlet and left a lot less time for consoles. I do have a ps3 though I preferred my 360 back in my playing days...
It's the PS2 by a country mile, if you ask me, but the PS4 is turning out to be a really great console in its own right. I'd put it behind the PS2.

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