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Podcasts and Audibles
So I'm always on the look out for recommendations for good Podcasts or Audiobooks so sound off (pun absolutely intended) if you have some recommendations!

One I'm listening to / playing catch up on, is called Tanis. I'm still very early on in the podcast, I think it's been going on since around 2015. Basically it's this dude trying to find out about this thing called Tanis that's surrounded in mystery and has a very Illuminati vibe to it. It's not bad. 

Another one I was listening to, in fact I went it through the whole thing in one afternoon, is called A Very Fatal Murder. It's from the guys behind The Onion website and is a piss take on the true crime Podcasts like Serial and S-Town, complete with hipster acoustic soundtrack in the background and silly fake ads. I found it really funny and it's only a few bite-sized episodes. Highly recommend it .

I prefer reading books over having them read to me but Audible do some 'Audible Originals', kind of like plays rather than a book being read out by one narrator and one I'm listening to right now which is really awesome is Alien : River of Pain. If you're into the whole Alien's universe, this one covers what goes down between the first two original movies (Alien and Aliens), following Newt and the downfall of the colony before Ripley and Co. head back there.
I got into audiobooks when my commute to work kept getting longer. It's definitely a different experience to reading at times, but I enjoy it. I used Audible to get A Dance with Dragons read at a time when I was struggling to set time aside for the physical book. While waiting for George R. R. Martin to get his next book out I started The Wheel of Time, a ridiculously long epic series. I finished it last month after almost exactly three years and really enjoyed the experience (though Martin still hasn't published The Winds of Winter). After so long in one world though I needed something much lighter, so I'm currently going through Harry Potter.

I have a couple of Audible Originals, including the Alien one, but I haven't listened to it yet.
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I have The Wheel of Time books on the Kindle waiting to be read but haven't had the time to start them. So you could be onto something there with Audible reading it on my commutes to work.

Streams old radio shows from 40s and 50s. I'm hooked on the Sci-fi stuff.

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