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Destiny 2
Yesterday we got the second expansion called Warmind for Destiny 2, there's some info about it on the main site here .

So hands on, man I love this series. I hate it too, but only because I love it! I really want to see it do well and dig itself out of it's slump. I played the crap out of it at launch and until I exhausted everything I could do with my three characters and then it just felt 'meh' . So I put it down for a long time. I even forgot which folder I had it stuck in on the PS4 XMB. It was buried. However, last night I got on late so didn't get to play nearly as much as I'd originally planned but what I did play, hell yeh, I started to remember why I loved Destiny all over again. Admittedly this could be down to my taking time away and returning with fresh optimism and a want to feel like buying the season pass at launch wasn't a mistake, but I can say that what I did play last night, for whatever reason, was pure fun.

I played the first part up until Mars opens up for me to free roam about. I won't get into spoilers here but I did have a blast killing hordes of Hive. The improvements I most noticed , even had I not read the patch notes , was the recharge rate increase for using the supers and grenades. I didn't change any of my characters gear since I last played months ago and yet I was flinging more grenades and using more of my super abilities, so kudo's to Bungie for sorting that out. I also found the enemies where less bullet spongie, though headshots where always fun and open to one shot kills on smaller enemies. Taking down some of the bigger baddies though just felt more balanced. Not too easy but not frustratingly difficult either. Not to mention that Destiny 2 is a gorgeous looking game. The cutscenes are always breathtaking to me and the game runs so smooth. I don't have any way of measuring frames per second but why get bogged down with numbers. Just play the game and it rarely stumbles, at least I've never really noticed, even when there's large numbers of enemies on screen. And you know when you're taking on the Hive army, there's lots of enemies on the screen.

I'll try to keep this thread updated with anything else I have to say about Destiny 2 and this new expansion. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be back to giving out about it again. I hope not though. My hopes for the future of this thread and Destiny 2, is that I'll be in here talking about some badass strike I ran with my old PSXE crew or about the cool new exotic weapon I just got. I will leave this post on this note though, I really can't wait to get back on later tonight and it's going to be a long day in work.

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