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Detroit: Become Human discussion
Has anyone played this yet? If so hows the game
I'm about 8-10 chapters in, still very early, but I like it a lot so far. It's funny because I hated Heavy Rain from the story to the characters and especially that controls, so much that I didn't even bother playing Beyond Two Souls (watched some lets plays and wasn't overly impressed with characters and story again) but I took a chance on this one because I had a 20% code for a game from PSN and I love cyberpunk universes like Deus Ex and Altered Carbon. If you've played past Quantic Dream games no explanation of the gameplay is needed but I do think this one is more playable than other QD titles. I felt like the button prompts sometimes got too crazy in Heavy Rain, in this one that hasn't been the case, it's still obviously like a big Quick Time Event but nothing overly complicated or annoying. I've spent enough time with this game now that I can say I really like all the main characters a lot and the world of futuristic Detroit is fun to explore. The central story is your typical man/machine stuff but if you do enough looking around there's a lot of great back story and other lore and you earn points to unlock stuff from the extras menu that also adds to the story.

I think your enjoyment level really depends on two things. How much you like Quantic Dream games and cyberpunk.

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