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Middle of Earth: Shadow of War Update
Monolith are on the PS Blog detailing the big update to their game:

Essentially it's just a case of stripping out the microtransactions and the marketplace entirely, then rebalancing the game so that it's less grindy (because the grind only existed to give you the 'option' of paying to skip it).

Purely looking at the content it can only be a good thing. The whole point of the Nemesis system is that you build up a personal connection with the uruks/ologs, and that's already a little harder in this game due to there being so many fortresses and so many more captains and warlords. Just being able to get brand new ones out of a loot box - with better stats and abilities than the ones you encounter organically - was actively undermining the game's biggest selling point.

On the flip side though, WB Games still released the game with loot boxes shoehorned into a single-player experience, for no reason other than to try to extract more money off players who were already paying full price for the game and also maybe its season pass, and getting Monolith to actively make their game less fun to encourage players to skip content. They've only backed down because of the extremely negative player reaction, no matter how much Monolith are now having to try and pretend it's typical post-launch tweaking based on feedback from their 'fantastic community'.

What do we think? Too little, too late?
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